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The Pacific Ring

Duration:13 days / 12 night
Type of travel:trekking
Tour operates:August 1 – September 15

Cost EURO for 1 person.

6 - 7 pers.8 - 9 pers.10 pers. and more
34200 rubles.32000 rubles.28500 rubles.


Day 1.

Meeting at the airport. Arrival transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (40 minutes). Accommodation in double rooms in the hotel. Rest.

Day 2.

Drive on the truck to Mutnovsky volcano 2,323 m (7,621 ft), 112 km. Visiting Vilyuchinsky waterfall on the way. Tent camping. Overnight in the tents.

Day 3.

Foot excursion to the crater of Mutnovsky volcano. The path to the crater goes over the Pemzovy (Pumice) ridge. Ascend to the ridge is not very steep and takes about 1 hour. From the ridge, moving on snow field to the volcano, with a little ascend, tourist get into the crevice of the Vulkannaya river which flows from the crater though a fracture. In the crevice the river is closed by the glacier. Passage to the crater is not complex. The deep crater is surrounded with cliffs. From the eastern side to the very bottom of the crater a glacier descends from the top. Mighty jets of steam and gas are released through glacier cracks. There is a lot of boiling mud pots, fumaroles, and beautiful deposits of burnstone on the crater bottom. Trekking to the crater 3 hours. Ascend 800 meters (2,625 feet). Observation of the crater 2 hours. Dry snacks. The distance of the way back 12 km (7,46 mi). It will take 7-8 hours. Return to the base camp at the same way. Observing of a waterfall in Opasny (dangerous) canyon on the way. Overnight in the tents.

Day 4.

Ascend Gorely volcano 1,829 m (6,000 ft). Ascent on the volcano is not complex. Old lava flows, slag fields. Kekurniks – hardened lava remains of various shapes are very interesting. Ascend takes 2-3 hours. Level difference is about 900 meters (2,953 feet). Snacks on the top. Observation of main craters of the volcano. Ascend takes 6-7 hours. Return to the camp at the same way. Overnight in the tents.

Day 5.

Trekking over Pionersky pass to Dachnye hot springs (12 km or 7.46 mi) The route goes on the caldera of Gorely volcano over Pinersky pass (1,100 m or 3,608 ft), ascend takes about 1 hour. Then, descend to hot springs over the snowfield with a spring flowing from under it. Dachnye hot springs are located near Mutnovka geothermal power plant. The geothermal pad is a small cirque with walls and bottom formed by travertines (deposits of thermal springs). Pulsating springs, steam jets, mud pots and a lot of small hot seeps of thermal water can be observed. Camping. Bathing in the springs. Overnight in the tents.

Day 6.

Trekking to the Mutnovskaya river (18 km or 11.18 mi). The rout goes on the old mountainous road, going down to the Zhirovaya river, on the slopes of ancient Zhirovsky volcano and gets down to the Mutnovskaya river. It is necessary to wade many small rivers on the way. Overnight in the tents.

Day 7.

Trekking in the valley of the Mutnovskaya river, wading the river (depth is 0.8 m or 2.62 ft). Trekking to the coast of Pacific ocean in Zhirovaya bay (14 km or 8.7 mi) Zhirovaya bay is located among cliffs covered with forest at the top. Sand beach is 3 km (1.86 mi) long. Several waterfalls get into the bay from the cliffs. Overnight in the tents.

Day 8.

Trekking to Zhirovskye hot springs (15 km or 9.32 mi) with wading across the Zhirovaya river (about 1 meter or 3.28 feet deep). Relaxation, bathing in the springs. The springs are located in the picturesque place of the Zhirovaya river and consist of two boiling gryphons and a lot of thermal seeps with natural pools. Overnight in the tents.

Day 9.

Trekking over Tenueva pass (about 1,000 meters or 3,280 feet) to the upper reaches of the Vilyucha river (6 km or 3.73 mi). From the pass a beautiful view opens of the Zhirovaya river, Zhirovaya bay, the neighboring tops, and Vulyuchinsky volcano. Overnight in the tents.

Day 10.

Trekking to the Vilyuchinskie hot springs (9 km or 5.59 mi). Springs are located on the junction of Spokoiny stream and the Vilyucha river, on the right side of the river. Bathing in the hot springs. Overnight in the tents.

Day 11.

Trekking to the plateau to a truck (6 km or 3.73 mi, 1.5 hours). On the way, observing a waterfall on Spokoiny stream (about 40 meters or 131 feet high) Depart to the holiday camp in Paratunka on the truck. Accommodation, relaxation, bathing in a thermal water pool.

Day 12.

Free day. Interested persons can make helicopter excursion in the Valley of Geysers under favorable weather conditions or other excursion at the choice of for an additional payment.

Day 13.

Shopping. Transfer to airport. Departure.


Transfer, accommodation, transportation, guide’s service, cook’s service, interpreter’s service, full pension meals, group equipment (tents, kitchen equipment, etc.), visa invitation and visa registration.

Not Included:

Excursions in Day 12.

For the trip you will need:

  • a rucksack,
  • a sleeping bag,
  • a sleeping mat,
  • trekking boots,
  • raingear,
  • warm clothes (a sweater, a hat, trousers, socks, warm gloves),
  • wind block jacket,
  • spare shoes,
  • a cap,
  • sun glasses,
  • gloves,
  • personal articles,
  • mosquitoes remedy,
  • sunburns protecting remedy.
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