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Kamchatka for all - 2

Duration: 8 days / 7 night
Type of travel: Excursion route
Tour operates: July 1 – September 15
From: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Cost in modular group 62000 rub./1 pax/ accommodation TWIN room


Day 1

Meeting at the airport. Arrival transfer to Paratunka (40 minutes). Accommodation at the lodge. Rest, bathing in pool with hot thermal water. A dinner and a supper in cafe

Day 2

Breakfast. Departure to the airport " Avachinsky ". Helicopter excursion in the Valley of the Geysers, one of the greatest discoveries of the 20 century, a pearl of Kamchatka. A valley is hidden in a deep canyon in the territory of the Kronotzky biospheric reserve. During flight you can admire beauty of the active and extinct volcanoes, mountain ridges and taiga open spaces, the rivers and lakes. During the foot excursion will see all known forms of hydrothermal displays in the nature: the hot lakes, pulsing boiling sources, steam-gas jets, mud boilers and geysers (Duration of excursion of 5 hours, including time in flight 2 hours 30 minutes). Returning to the lodge.

Day 3

Breakfast. Departure on excursion to Viljuchinsky hot sources. Sources settle down on merge of a stream Quiet and the rivers Viljuchi, on the right board of the river, near to bottom of the Viljuchinsky volcano. (80 km, 3,5 hours). A water Chemical compound sulfatno-hloridno-gidrokarbonatnyj with the general mineralization to 1,1 г/л and the maintenance кремнекислоты to 100 г/л. Bathing in sources. A dinner. On a return way survey of picturesque falls on a stream Quiet. Falls height - 16 m, width of steeply falling stream - 5-6 m. Rocky river coast in a place of falling of water decorate alder стланик and the stone birch, growing almost on vertical slopes. Returning to base of rest (Duration of excursion of 10 hours)

Day 4

Breakfast. Departure to the river Left Avacha. Rafting on the river Left Avacha (4 hours). Within 2 hours of rafting you will feel pleasure from beautiful landscapes and from the river as the rapids follow one another and though they and simple, they demand attention, the harmonious actions of the crew at a precise management of the guide. On the merge of Left Avacha and Average Avacha – stop. Here it is possible to fish and have a bite. Below on current later 2 hours you expect fish-soup and the car for departure to the lodge in Paratunka.

Day 5

Excursion to the bottom of the volcano Avachinsky. Departure by motor vehicle to the volcanic plateau (height 900) to the bottom of the Avachinsky volcano (3 hours). The Walking tour to the mountain Camel, representing volcanic extrusion. The mountain is in the saddle between Koryak and Avachinsky volcanoes, the height of 100-150 m, width - about 100 m and on length it(she) is stretched on 500 m, consists of three joint blocks. A dinner. Returning to the lodge.

Day 6

Breakfast. Departure to the city on the place of mooring. Sea cruise along the Avachinskaya bay (5-6 hours). Survey of the panorama of thecity of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Avachinskaya Guba and Avachinsky gulf. The route runs past bays Silent, the islands Babushkin stone, cape Stanitskogo, stones « Three brothers ». A fascinating opportunity of ground fishing at « Three brothers », cape Anonymous, at the island Starichkova which have received the name owing to birds to "old men", nesting there. Survey of the bird's colonies - mixed colonies of tarrocks, guillemots and cormorants. On coastal reeves around the island are rookeries of larga and the island seal antura. A dinner on the boat. Returning to the lodge.

Day 7

Breakfast. A trip on the coast of the Pacific ocean washing the southeast coast of Kamchatka. Walk. A dinner in the city. A sightseeing tour on to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, visiting the Museum of local lore. Returning to the lodge.

Day 8

Transfer to airport. Departure.


Transfer, accommodation, transportation, guide’s service, cook’s service, interpreter’s service, full pension meals, group equipment (tents, kitchen equipment, etc.), visa invitation and visa registration.

Not Included:

Excursions in Day 5.

For the trip you will need:

  • a rucksack,
  • a sleeping bag,
  • a sleeping mat,
  • trekking boots,
  • raingear,
  • warm clothes (a sweater, a hat, trousers, socks, warm gloves),
  • wind block jacket,
  • spare shoes,
  • a cap,
  • sun glasses,
  • gloves,
  • personal articles,
  • mosquitoes remedy,
  • sunburns protecting remedy.

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