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We invite everyone to Kamchatka in the wonderful world of adventure.

Small bit of land, as they say in the old days, but what is there only mother nature has in store not: and the sea depth, and great ocean, and the mountains are high, and many, and those that breathe fire, scorching everything around. A grass shelomaynye, giant, two human growth. A hot keys - magic power they treat patients. A river which: is fast, swift as young trotters race with mountains that are quiet, bright widely bottling their water for many kilometers of broad valleys.

Proverb says: better to see once than hear a hundred times. Visit the Kamchatka go its picturesque trails, admire volcanoes, swim in the healing springs, marvel at a huge fireball, the sun slowly rising from the ocean. Will remain an unforgettable experience on your life!

We offer summer tours in Kamchatka:

The Nalychevo hot springs The Nalychevo hot springs – the Mutnovsky volcano, 14 days
Tour by car known for its healing springs Nalychevo valley, visiting volcanoes Mutnovsky, Burnt, Avachinskiy, boating Avacha Bay.
Home volcanoes Home volcanoes for Anchorage, 7 days
Short but intense tour for very busy. During the tour to spend time on volcanoes: Mutnovskiy, Burnt, Avachinskiy, take a one-day rafting Quick visit various hot springs, the Pacific Ocean
The Mutnovsky volcano – the river of Bystraya – the Avachinsky volcano The Mutnovsky volcano – the river of Bystraya – the Avachinsky volcano, 11 days
The most popular tour. Simple climbing volcanoes Mutnovsky, Burnt, Avachinskiy. Thermal springs: Dacha, Upper Paratunski, Malkinskie. The three-day rafting and fishing on the river quickly

If you are not suitable for some reason our tours, we are ready to develop tour of your order.

On your request we book rooms in hotels and recreation centers, organize the transfer, will render transportation services.

Here you can get advice on any area and route in Kamchatka.

We welcome everyone!


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