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From the extinct volcanoes to active ones

Duration:14 days / 13 night
Type of travel:trekking
Tour operates:July 1 – September 15

Cost EURO for 1 person.

6 - 7 pers.8 - 9 pers.10 pers. and more
41140 rubles.33880 rubles.30250 rubles.


Day 1

Meeting at the airport. Arrival transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (40 minutes). Accommodation in double rooms in the hotel. Rest.

Day 2

Departure on the car in northern direction on a line Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka – the settlement Klyuchi up to the river the Right Kamchatka (208 km). A dinner. The foot transition before the merge of two sources of the river the Right Kamchatka (8 km).

Day 3

The foot transition up to lava stream under the volcano Bakening (12 km). Extinct volcano Bakening is located on joint of the Ganalsky and Valaginsky ridges. Cut up by barrancas, coveredby gear crests and sharp rocks, the volcano rises on 2276 m above sea level, it is more than twice exceeding the next tops. On its bottom the largest rivers of the peninsula begin and spread in the different sides: the Kamchatka - on the north, the Fast – on the West, to the sea of Okhotsk, the Avacha – on the south. For the high, water-separate position before it’s named the Kamchatka top. The Bakening is surrounded by a necklace of lakes: Demidov, Suslikovo, Bear, Verkhne-Avachinskoe, Wolverine, Egorov, High.

Day 4

The foot transition to the lake Bear through the pass (1261) between the volcano Bakening and the volcano New (10 km) .Rise on the narrow pass is not difficult. From descent the most beautiful panorama opens. On the right tower poked with black rocks edges of Bakening, on the left are piled up lava streams far below, at the bottom of the deep hollow, the water smooth surface of the lake has fallen asleep. Abruptly rises the opposite coast – a slope of a high hill. By breakage it was pressed into lake by lava stream. And in the north the lake hollow misses on some steep, bordered by sharp ridges, minor valleys. From the southern, narrower part of the lake, the river Average Avacha flows. Through 6 km the river runs into the lake Verkhne-Avachinskoe.

The foot transition up to the lake Verkhne-Avachinskoe (6 km). From all the local lakes it is the most beautiful. In all its height the volcano Bakening is reflected in its surface. Around of the lake lay glacial circuses, tower cones of small volcanoes, sharp crests of ridges.

Day 5-6

The foot transition through the mountain plateau up to Timonovskye hot springs (16 km). Springs are on the left tributary of the Average Avacha – the small river Timonovskaya, in 8 km from its mouth. In this place its valley is compressed by spurs of the Valaginsky ridge, passes in gorge. Hot water beats out from two large and several fine griffins on both sides of small river at height of 4 m. the Camp is placed in 2 kilometers from springs, near to the camp site «Krechet». A lodging for the night in tents.

Day 7

Rest, bathing in Timonovskye hot springs. Excursion to the falls which are situated in 2 km from springs, up-stream the river Timonovskaya. Returning in the main camp. A lodging for the night in tents.

Day 8

Drive to Pinachevo settlement. Accommodation on a camp site (4-6 person in a small house). Visiting Zelenovskye hot springs, bathing in pool.

Day 9

Sea-trip along Avacha Bay. Seeing the sea birds nests on the islands “Babushkin Kamen (Granny’s Stone)” and “Tree Brata (Three Brothers)”. Short trip in the Pacific Ocean to the island “Starichkov”. Sea fishing, seeing the seal rookery. Opportunity to meet whales, dolphins. Lunch, fresh fish soup. A back to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky city.

Day 10

Drive on the truck to Mutnovsky volcano 2,323 m (7,621 ft), 112 km. Visiting Vilyuchinsky waterfall on the way. Tent camping. Overnight in the tents.

Day 11

Foot excursion to the crater of Mutnovsky volcano. The path to the crater goes over the Pemzovy (Pumice) ridge. Ascend to the ridge is not very steep and takes about 1 hour. From the ridge, moving on snow field to the volcano, with a little ascend, tourist get into the crevice of the Vulkannaya river which flows from the crater though a fracture. In the crevice the river is closed by the glacier. Passage to the crater is not complex. The deep crater is surrounded with cliffs. From the eastern side to the very bottom of the crater a glacier descends from the top. Mighty jets of steam and gas are released through glacier cracks. There is a lot of boiling mud pots, fumaroles, and beautiful deposits of burnstone on the crater bottom. Trekking to the crater 3 hours. Ascend 800 meters (2,625 feet). Observation of the crater 2 hours. Dry snacks. The distance of the way back 12 km (7,46 mi). It will take 7-8 hours. Return to the base camp at the same way. Observing of a waterfall in Opasny (dangerous) canyon on the way. Overnight in the tents.

Day 12

Ascend Gorely volcano 1,829 m (6,000 ft). Ascent on the volcano is not complex. Old lava flows, slag fields. Kekurniks – hardened lava remains of various shapes are very interesting. Ascend takes 2-3 hours. Level difference is about 900 meters (2,953 feet). Snacks on the top. Observation of main craters of the volcano. Ascend takes 6-7 hours. Return to the camp at the same way. Drive to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Accommodation in a holiday camp in Paratunka.

Day 13

Free day. If weather is good, for those who wish, heli excursion to the Valley of Geysers.

Day 14

Transfer to airport. Departure.


Transfer, accommodation, transportation, guide’s service, cook’s service, interpreter’s service, full pension meals, group equipment (tents, kitchen equipment, etc.), visa invitation and visa registration.

Not Included:

Excursions in Day 13.

For the trip you will need:

  • a rucksack,
  • a sleeping bag,
  • a sleeping mat,
  • trekking boots,
  • raingear,
  • warm clothes (a sweater, a hat, trousers, socks, warm gloves),
  • wind block jacket,
  • spare shoes,
  • a cap,
  • sun glasses,
  • gloves,
  • personal articles,
  • mosquitoes remedy,
  • sunburns protecting remedy.
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