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Klyuchevskoy Nature park

Klyuchevskoy Nature park

As a new park, Klyuchevskoy Nature park was created in 1999 and included into the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

The park covers an area of 376,000 ha with Eurasia’s most grand and active Klyuchevksaya group of volcanoes in its center. It consists of 13 volcanoes, including 4 active (Klyuchevskoy, Plosky Tolbachik, Besymyanny, Ushkovsky) and 9 extinct ones (Kamen, Krestovsky, Ostry Tolbachik, Ovalnaya Zimina, Ostraya Zimina, Bolshaya Udina, Malaya Udina, Sredny, and Gorny Zoub).

Kluchevskoy volcano (4,750 m or 15,584 ft) is Eurasia’s highest. It is one of the greatest sights to see.

Gigantic size of volcanoes and their dense concentration on a relatively small area, brightly expressed and various occurrence of active volcanic processes attract scientists, tourists and mountain climbers.

Klyuchevskoy Nature park

Space between Klyuchevsky, Kamen and Ushkovsky volcanoes is filled with ice and glacier snow. Slopes of Krestovsky, Ushkovsky, Kamen volcanoes are also covered with permanent glaciers which give birch for many of mountain streams creating a network of small and big waterfalls and rivers. These rapid torrents wash huge caves in glaciers and cut canyons in solid basaltic rocks. There are 47 glaciers in the park with an area of 269 (104 sq.m).

The region of the famous Big Crack Tolbachik Eruption is accessible for tourists of any age.

In 1975, a number of cracks of 200 to 600 meters (656-1,967 ft) appeared on a reindeer pasture and lava started gushing from them. In a month, three cones of up to 300 m (984 ft) high have grown above the centers of gushing and all blooming area was strewed with slag and ashes up to 10 meters (33 ft). During a year, lava flows covered an area about 40 (15 sq. miles). Eruptions like that happen one time in a century. Just six similar places are known in the world.Klyuchevskoy Nature park One of them is located in Klyuchevskoy Nature Park. Now it is a region of intensive scientific research.

 All this volcanic magnificence is encircled by Kamchatka Krai’s largest river – the Kamchatka river with a network of amazingly clean lakes.

The park has seven nature monuments such as Northern and Southern breakthroughs of the Big Crack Tolbachik Eruption of 1975-1976; sheep rocks on the Studennaya river; stone piles in the cone system of Plotina and Bezymyanny volcano; Kozyrevsky Dol on the west of Ushkovsky volcano; sculpture canyons; Ambon rock; a glade of edelweiss in the upper reaches of the Studyenaya as the only place in Kamchatka for this lovely flowers.

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