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About Kamchatka. Geography

The Kamchatka Krai is located on the extreme North-East of Asia, in Russia, and engages territory of 472,300 (182,356 sq. miles). There is the whole Kamchatka peninsula (Russia’s second large peninsula after Taimyr) with part of mainland adjoining it and the Commander Islands (Komandorsky Islands) in its boarders.

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The Northern point is located almost near the Polar Circle in the latitude of 65 degree north. Summers are short here and long winters have 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) frosts and Northern Lights.

The southern tip of the Krai, Cape Lopatka (50° 57' LN) towers as rocky steep above the confluence of waters of the Okhotsk Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Dull weather prevail here, strong winds are often and blow for long, and the vegetation is poor. The Western tip lies to the North of Krutogorovo settlement in the longitude of 155° 34' east. The Eastern tip is located to the North of Cape Nizhny in the longitude of 175 degree east.

The Krai stretches from the North to the South almost for 1,600 km (995 miles).

The widest part of the peninsula is 470 km (292 miles), and 640 km (398 miles) of its mainland part.

The Kamchatka peninsula is surrounded by waters of the Okhotsk and Bering Seas and the Pacific Ocean.

The cold Okhotsk Sea washes western coasts of Kamchatka. The coast line of Okhotsk seashore of Kamchatka is poorly indented. There are no bays and gulfs comfortable for harborage there. Only on the North the broad Gulf of Penzhina, which turns to the East, cuts into the land.

The Northern-Eastern coasts of the Kamchatka peninsula are washed by the Bering Sea. It is one of the world largest basin and one of the Far East deepest seas. The sea is separated from the Pacific Ocean by Commander Islands (they are part of the Kamchatka Krai by law) and Aleutians, which belong to the USA.

The eastern coasts of Kamchatka, washed by waters of the Bering Sea, differ from the western seashore by being much more indented. There are some large bays there such as Korf, Olyutorsky, and Karaginsky.

Southern-Eastern coasts of Kamchatka are washed by waters of the Pacific Ocean. Though the coastline here is significantly indented, there are no comfortable bays there, with the exception of wonderful Avacha Bay.

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