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Bystrinsky Nature Park

Bystrinsky Nature Park

Bystrinsky Nature Park was established in 1995. It is the largest of all specially protected nature territories of the peninsula. 1,325,000 ha of the most picturesque untouched nature in the heart of Kamchatka were included into the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

The main thing in the park is, first of all, its grand virgin landscapes of Sredinny Range, taiga forests and their animal life and, of course, traditional way of life of local indigenous people - Evens. Tens of volcanoes (including active Ichinsky volcano 3,607 m or 11,834 ft) and multiple thermal springs are located here.

Vast majority of plants and animals known in Kamchatka are found in the park. Park’s fauna combine forest, tundra and mountain species. There is a full list of hoofed mammals here such as Kamchatka snow sheep, moose, reindeer; and large beasts of prey which include brown bear, wolf, wolverine and lynx. Rivers are important spawning water bodies for all species of salmon found in Kamchatka.

The people of Kamchatka often call the Bystraya river valley as Kamchatkan Switzerland. Protected from winds, having dry climate and lots of therapeutical springs and very beautiful nature it is a real resort created by the nature itself.

Bystrinsky Nature Park

Unlike other regions of Kamchatka, its climate has some continental features with mild winter and hot summer. Thanks to “underground stokehold” – hot thermal water – all year round they grow fresh vegetables in Esso and Anavgai. Apartment houses, green houses and production facilities are heated by thermal waters.

Bystrinsky Nature Park is the only protected nature area of Kamchatka where representatives of indigenous peoples live such as Evens, Koryaks, and Itelmens. Traditional forms of nature management are typical for economy of Bystrinsky region. From time immemorial Kamchatkan natives have been engaged in reindeer breeding, hunting, fishing and collecting wild plants. Traditional forest settlements of indigenous peoples of the North - nomad reindeer breeder camps and so called “fishing sites” or rybalkas are scattered on the park territory.

Esso and Anavgai settlements are centers of conservation and development of the region indigenous peoples’ original culture. Esso means “Larch” in the Even language. There is an ethnographic museum in Esso settlement. One can see unique domestic and cultural items of Kamchatkan aborigines there. An exhibit center with national souvenirs shop works under the museum.

In 2004 Menedek Even reindeer breeding camp was constructed on a bank of a mountain river in a couple of kilometers from Anavgai. Some Even and Koryak dwellings like yurts and yarangas (skin tents), balagans and mamychkas (constructions for storage of clothes and hardware) are located on its territory. The visitors of the site can watch a concert of Even ensembles like Nurgenek and Oryakan, get familiar with rituals and habits of Kamchatkan natives, try their traditional food, taste Kamchatkan phytotea, and buy some souvenirs.

Bystrinsky Nature Park

Since 1990 Beringia traditional dog-sled race has been conducted in Bystrinsky park. In 1991, it was registered in the Guinness Book of Records due to its length – Esso-Markovo (Chukotka) 1,980 km (1230 miles).

One of the brightest impressions is visiting traditional native holidays. In March Beringia traditional dog-sled race starts; the children dog-sled racing; and the Reindeer Breeder Day. In June it is the First Fish Day and the Nurgenek Evens New Years holiday. In August it is the Aborigine Day. In September it is the Day of Evens Arrival into Bystrinskaya Land and the Harvest Day. Extraordinary interesting are performances of folklore dance groups of the Bystrinsky region such as Nulgur, Nurgenek, Oryakan. One can see shaman rituals saved by people’s memory in the staging of the folklore groups.

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